Treatment Line The treatment line is a plant mostly used in the shipyards where there is the need to preserve the quality and the integrity of plates and profiles for successive operations. The line is typically composed by a pre heating oven, shot-blasting machine, painting machine, drying oven and transport system.

The line is designed to work automatically with a very low number of trained operators. Our lines, differ from others, are specially designed and produced for shipyards; designed and built in the concept of heavy-duty and high-productivity lines requiring low maintenance.

We have pride in acknowledging worldwide references for these kind of equipment which are still working efficiently after more than 40 years since first installation. Layouts, machines quantity with relative characteristics, type of support and handling system can be various, depending on needs, productivity and space availability. Furthermore, we develop alternative lines, able to provide also the alkaline cleansing, galvanizing or pickling.

All of these can be developed for plates, profiles or pipes.


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