PANEL LINE Panel lines are used in the modern shipbuilding industry to increase the productivity and stabilise the quality production of the sub assemblies of a ship. The outcome of these lines is a panel composed by a number of plates joined by the long side and fitted with stiffeners, mostly of them transversal to the line and some longitudinal. Panel Lines could be divided in three big groups:
Flat Panel Line for different kind of flat reinforced panels;
Curved Panel Line for panels partially processed, that have particular bending in order to be applied to shipbuilding;
Micro-Panel Line for different kind of panels but with smaller dimensions.

Our Panel Lines foreseen gantries that runs longitudinally and provide a series of operations that could be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. To support the panels along the line and permit the progress following the production flow, you may have different solutions, from sheet plate benches to simple fixed rollers, passing throw spheres, all built in modules and everyone with its own handling system. Layout, number of gantries with relative characteristics, support type and handling system could be various, following needs, productivity, available space and customer's “tastes”.

You could also have some options supplied by our partners, as:
Cutting, Cleaning and Marking Gantry: usually positioned after panel forming areas, the purpose of this machine is to cut in order to perfectly square it, to clean and mark the surface in order to identify the exact positioning of both, transversal and longitudinal stiffeners and make it good for welding.
Robotized Welding Gantry: usually positioned at the end of the Panel Line, has the purpose to provide to all weldings that otherwise needs a lot of welders.

Same solutions applied on „usual“ steel shipbuilding, could be applied also in Aluminum and/or Stainless Steel shipbuilding. On these bases, Via Nova is able to supply a “tailor-made” product, “sewn ad hoc” and completely “Made in Italy”.


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